We'll be back soon!

We'll be back soon!

Dear AURORA - friends, regular guests, connoisseurs, lovers & fans

We miss you...

... but hopefully the wait will soon be over!

As it currently looks, we may welcome you from mid-April again on our stylish terrace, in the heart of Zurich. You can look forward to a new and above all fresh design!

To bridge the gap a little more enjoyable, we would like to introduce you to our terrace rosé wine. Surely you have all drunk a glass of fine Alìe on our terrace in the summer of 2020. A summer like back then - isn't that what we all wish for? But what is actually behind the drinkable drop?

The Frescobaldi family belongs to one of the oldest noble families in Italy, which is still active in viticulture today. The Frescobaldis are a true gift for the wine world. At the beginning of the 1300 century, the Frescobaldi family started winegrowing in Tuscany. Scattered all over the world, they now own a multitude of wineries and vinify a wide range of fine wines. The Rosé Alìe was named after a mermaid, according to Frescobaldi a symbol for elegance and beauty. It comes from Tenuta Ammiraglia, the latest offspring of the Frescobaldis in the heart of the Maremma plain, whose hills extend to the southern coastal area. The wine is made from Syrah and Vermentino vines and pairs perfectly with light Italian fare, grilled fish and shellfish. As mentioned earlier, a perfect companion for the hopefully imminent AURORA spring awakening in Zurich.

Enjoy the days outdoors and have a glass to our soon and above all healthy reunion!

P.S. Our new menu for the summer is online! Browse through the work of our Chef de Cuisine Dennis Mazza and let yourself be inspired and enchanted.

We are looking forward to an intensive reunion - yours sincerely AURORA Team ❤

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