White gold for dinner!

White gold for dinner!

The waiting has finally come to an end. Every year again; don't worry, we are not writing about Christmas yet - we can hardly wait until the so-called white gold arrives back at the AURORA.

Now is the time. Only now is the quality right for Dennis our chef; the truffle season has already started at the beginning of October. All the more the whole kitchen crew is looking forward to prepare fine dishes with the rare Tartufo Bianco. Lean back and enjoy veal tartar I tagliolini or classic Italian risotto with Tartufo Bianco in our AURORA while you watch the hustle and bustle on Bahnhofstrasse from above.

The truffles are a special experience in terms of taste, but their appearance is less attractive. The white truffle is considered "the gold" of Piedmont, because it is very valuable, rare to find and extremely expensive. Prices can be as high as CHF 8,000 per kilogram!

Let yourself be enchanted by the smell and taste of truffles and reserve your table today.

Your AURORA Team

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