Standing still is going backwards!

Standing still is going backwards!

Dear Blog Community

The era is opening a new chapter and we are pleased to inform you that our newly designed homepage has recently gone online. A lot has changed, unfamiliar things are coming up and more changes are in store for all of us. 2020 is the year of OPPORTUNITIES and so we seized our chance and decided at the beginning of the year to work on our online presence.

Thanks to Mischa and his team from mBusiness, we have succeeded in creating something extraordinary, I would even say unique, in a very short time. Time, patience, ideas, attention to detail and above all dedication were sacrificed to create something unprecedented. A thousand thanks!

Now the time has come and we are ONLINE. Dive with us into the multifaceted world of AURORA, the oasis of pleasure at Bahnhofstrasse. Thanks to our blog, we can now keep you updated on a more regular basis - what you should definitely know and not miss, because the world is after all just a village! In this sense, have fun surfing and see you soon at AURORA.

Warm regards

Your AURORA Team - amaze me.

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