"New Look & Feel" and brilliant fall menu

"New Look & Feel" and brilliant fall menu

Unbelievable things have happened!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Be curious. True to the motto: "You snooze, you lose"; the start phase was already 2021; we were able to give the AURORA - amaze me. a new "new LOOK and FEEL" after a short construction period. It has become the hammer and we are proud, what we have put here in such a short time once again on the legs. A big thank you to all involved and especially to you dear Raoul - Visite Privée by Raoul Sanchez - for accompanying, supporting and advising us on this exciting journey!

In keeping with the new look & feel, Dennis, our chef, and his kitchen crew have also dug deep into their magic box and it's simply amazing what creations have come to light. We invite you on a journey of pleasure peppered with countless new compositions. Under the motto "East meets West" Dennis and his team went on an excursion into Asian cuisine. Back with a thousand ideas we have compiled the highlights for you and what came out you simply must have tried - we say as always only three words that mean the world to us: "THAT WAS DELICIOUS".

Enough talk; now it's time to make your own picture of the raptures. The whole AURORA team is looking forward to your visit and what could be better at this time of year to be together again and above all to eat and drink delicious.

See you soon your AURORA Team

PS: For those who are already almost bursting with curiosity: our virtual tour "AURORA by night" is also brand new and mega fun. Mischa Birnstiel and team of mBusiness - really mega staged! Thanks a lot for the great realization.

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