G like Gillardeau - Premium oysters with engraving

G like Gillardeau - Premium oysters with engraving

These oysters have been inspiring the AURORA for years with constant top quality. The Gillardeau family from the southwest of France is known worldwide for its oysters - they are considered to be the best and most exclusive oyster producer of all.

Gillardeau does almost everything differently than the local producers in the famous oyster region. There are no "fines de claires" - oysters that are clarified in a tank. All Gillardeau oysters are Spéciales de pleine mer, grown exclusively in oyster beds in the ocean. Second speciality: Gillardeau does not have a single oyster bank at its headquarters. The oyster beds are spread all over Europe, for example in Ireland, Scotland or England. The parks are chosen very carefully, as stable cold water and a good current are essential. The oysters are grown on oyster beds for nine months and then spend three years, packed in big bags, in deep and nutrient-rich water. During this time they are regularly turned, cleaned and freed from algae.

And why engraved oysters?

Luxury products are being counterfeited all over the world, and the same is true of the Gillardeau family oysters. For this reason, all oysters sold today are unmistakably marked with an engraved "G".

But enough about the expertise - have you already tried the fine nutty taste of the oysters?

On our winter terrace at the KRUG bar, this is possible every Friday and Saturday.

Come on over!

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